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Tax ID is enough for an invoice

Update:2017/7/6 15:05:22 Views:

Do you really think that only tax ID is enough for your VAT invoice? 

Do you really think that only tax ID is enough for reimbursement?

Do you really think that only tax ID is enough and safe?



If that you are too naive to get your reimbursement!

As we all know VAT invoice need tax ID and invoice content must be on the basis of the actual sales. If not, it can be allowed as tax receipts proof?


But! Only tax ID is largely insufficient!

No matter in the management of inner-enterprise or tax management, enterprises use one invoice for accounting which is absolutely a loophole.


Therefore, what else main substantiality in our daily life exclude invoice?


1, physical assets

Please be sure if there were Warehouse list, Warehouse receipt seal, Approval process, Purchase contract, certificate of analysis before purchasing raw materials, machines, office appliance,  low priced and easily worn articles and gifts etc. In addition, invoice date should agree with its perchasing date and contract, and cost must be normal.


2, Rental invoice 

Please be sure there were approval examine and verify through administrative, house rental contract, invoice date and rental date.


3, Entertainment expense

All the entertainment invoices should be very clear, if there were signed by general manager and relative responsible person. As to large amount invoice, which is serious for tax bureau to have a random inspection, and consumption list is needed. If not, all og those might be regarded as false consumption.


4, Business travel expense

Expense report should be very clear. All type of invoice should be accurate, the origin and destination.


5, Meeting affair charge

Whether there are meeting notices, meeting issues, list of participants, check-ins and other information, whether there are non-conference expenses (such as travel expenses).


6, Express fee

If there are  express report, the origin and destination.


7, Automobile gasoline fee

Reimbursement fuel for automibles, pls make sure if refueling fee is more than the total vehicle theory's biggest oil consumption and the right automoblie.


8, Utilities

Utilities expenses, the word on the invoice is consistent with the word of water meter, electricity meter, whether or not in conformity with the capacity of the company. Little book reflects some enterprises production, but the electricity and water fee is high. 

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