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How to avoid common mistakes in applying for invoice?

Update:2017/6/30 3:46:37 Views:

How to avoid the common mistakes exactly in apply for an invoice?

Why I have got my invoice and didn’t get my money back?
Why I paied extra tax fee with duty-free goods? Maybe, you got the wrong invoice
Then, the question is how to overcome these problems and achieve you a successful business?

1. Issued an invoice with wrong format?

Typing was not legible, wrong ticketNo, line overlap, QR Code and password area overlaped with content table.
These invoices were usually not able to make accounting and would be invalid at the same month. You have to apply for RED INVOICE next month, but that would extend your collection time , and waste your time.  

Setting up a right way to issue an invoice:
Making proper format adjustment before printing an invoice, make sure QR Code,password area, words can keep one-to-one correspondence, we suggest that Bosses use A4 paper would be better.

2. Buyer part provide the wrong information

Mixed the buyer and seller name, unstandard name(e.g. your company name is XXX Import & Export International Co., Ltd, but your falsely provide XXX Import & Export  Co., Ltd), alll the information showed on invoice should be keeping the same with your bussiness licese.

Setting up a right way to issue an invoice:
According to“Invoice Management of the People's Republic of China” , invoice that not regular can no be reimbursed. Therefore, Jilian warmly suggest issuers  should check the words one by one according to buyers’ information.

Cute Ads:
According to the announcement for VAT invoice, if buyer part is enterprise, you should provide your tax ID or Unified social credit code to issuer since 1st July, 2017. If not, your VAT invoice weren’t play as tax receipts. Here enterprise include company, Non - company enterprise legal person, branch organization, individual business establishment,partnership enterprise and other enterprises.

3. Issued the wrong amount

 Issued careless invoice amount, short-invoiced, over-invoiced. 

Setting up a right way to issue an invoice:
Seller must be double check before issue the invoice. When you got the wrong amount of invoice, you’d better abolish it and issue another one in case of other confusions later.

Wrong dutiable name

Issued goods name was not accordant with dutiable name.
e.g. For dutiable goods, gravelstone that belongs to non-metallic mineral products, but wrongly issued metallic mineral products. Especially for different tax rate products, that should attractive your attention.

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