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Financial knowledge that business owners must master

Update:2018/10/11 10:03:30 Views:

At the time of the quarterly report, the accountant told the customer to pay taxes, doubt? ? Doesn't it mean that a small quarterly bill is not over 90,000 tax exemptions? ?

1. the small-scale quarterly 90,000 exemption is VAT, and corporate income tax is inevitable.

2. corporate income tax = profit × 10%, profit = billing income - purchase cost - operating expenses, want to reduce corporate income tax will reduce profits, reduce profits must provide cost invoices.

3. There is no formal cost invoice (receipt can not be accounted for) as no cost, you must pay 10% of the corporate income tax according to the invoiced income.

4. Even if the tax is paid at 10%, there is still a hidden risk. If the purchase invoice is not opened, it cannot prove the authenticity of the purchase and sale business, and the tax may suspect virtual invoicing.

5. Can you pay more for the salary of several people? It used to work hard, but it won't work in the future. On January 1, 2019, social security was handed over to the tax collection. At that time, how much social security should be paid for the wages of several people.

6. Small-scale and general taxpayers must ask for invoices when they purchase goods. Small-scale tickets must be used for cost. Generally, taxpayers must pay special tickets (both deductible for value-added tax and can also be used as purchase cost).

7. what is the business company to sell, the name of the billing corresponds. Industrial enterprises can purchase raw materials and process them into products. Enterprises such as construction logistics and catering advertisements obtain corresponding invoices according to their own costs. The tax system will automatically compare, long-term sales may not be early warning.

8. Which expenses can be the normal expenses of the company? The company's rent water and electricity property invoices, computer air conditioning tables and chairs sofa documents kitchen printer paper and other office supplies, gasoline taxi accommodation tickets, express handling installation and maintenance......

9.  it is unclear to explain that public accounts should not be arbitrarily and unrelated to public accounts and certain individuals.

10. business owners must not only understand business, but also pay attention to and constantly learn financial knowledge. Please read and understand the above content at least 3 times! 3 times! 3 times!


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